I feel at this time I have no choice but to reveal the truth and defend my company against the lies the co-owner has spread. As of now we have affiliates who have resigned because of her lies.
The co-owner of Flawless Cosmetics has made false allegations about where our new Flawless Pro Cosmetics are manufactured. She has been sent all the info showing they are produced in Canada but decided to publicly and privately message customers and affiliates claiming she doesn't know where they are manufactured and claiming she doesn't have access to the website or our business banking account. These are all lies and I will be showing proof below and the reason behind me launching a separate company (Flawless Pro Cosmetics), To put it simply, I wanted to distance myself from the toxicity she has displayed to me toward the affiliates and customers who make us money. She now claims she will remove herself from the brand but has yet to do it. This thread is to show my reasons behind wanting to distance myself and break away from her. I have higher expectations for the person who owns part of the same brand I do, and I will no longer tolerate her disrespect and verbal abuse toward me, my boyfriend, and our affiliates.
  • Co-Owner not willing to help the brand financially or pay out affiliates. Instead wanted to give affiliates the run around until the brand, or I myself, came up with the funds. I ended up working extra hours at my day job to come up with the funds to pay affiliate.

  • Co-Owner talking badly about affiliates.

  • After our August competition one of our supportive customers asked for a cancelation for their order. Co-Owner seen the message requesting to cancel order and send me these text

  • Talking about another brand owner claiming she wants to "throw hot oil" on her face
  • Co-owner yet again talking badly about the owner of another brand and making fun of her appearance
  • Co-Owner Conversation with myself

  • CO-OWNERS COVERSATION WITH MY BOYFRIEND (NOT AN OWNER OF FLAWLESS COSMETICS) in a previous message she claims she cant get ahold of me but in this conversation claims she talks to me all the time. Also she should have been waiting to speak to me and not my boyfriend.